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30 Day Skip Beat Challenge


Day 8 - Favorite Kyoko & Shou moment.



Shou Fuwa’s promo-video:

Definitely Shou’s Promo-video, and in particular the scene -just before the promo- where Kyoko kicked Shou. That has got to be one of my all time favorite Kyoko & Shou moments. =P

I love this scene 8D

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I love music and I love singing, that’s the main thing. I like to tell “my story” in 3 minutes, as pop musicians do, but at the same time I have a background of dark, melodic and progressive music.” 
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Anonymous: What is/are the best moment/s Zoro and Nami share together?


Personally, for me, I have two favorites.

The first is from Arlong Park, when Zoro was captured by Arlong’s men. While Nami was trying to put on her cold-hearted witch persona in front of him, he saw through it and called her on out on her shit. He could have died if he was wrong, but he trusted that she wasn’t the woman she was claiming to be; that she, deep down, was a good-hearted person who couldn’t stand to see one person, one friend, especially, die in front of her.








And she, of course, proceeds to set him free the moment Arlong’s not around.


This was probably what got me shipping them to begin with, at least far more seriously than I had been. He flat out called her out on her shit multiple times in this arc. As much as he was following Luffy’s orders and getting their navigator back for him, I think this arc was very telling about the sort of relationship Zoro and Nami have on the ship. They counter each other, but they have an intrinsic understanding of how the other person works and this is where that really began to take off. Zoro cared about getting her back, and I feel it was beyond Luffy’s orders, I think he knew they needed her and that she didn’t belong there (with Arlong), anyway.

Even when he was about to attack when she didn’t deny killing Usopp, that showed just how much he trusted her, despite saying that he didn’t. He trusted that she was a better person, that she couldn’t kill a friend or see them die in front of her, and there she was being flippant about Usopp supposedly being dead. It pissed him off because it was probably the first time his trust in her, his judgement about her, was really, truly shaken for a moment and he didn’t know what to think. He couldn’t brush it off like Luffy did, he’s too cynical at times to just believe the very best in a person when they don’t seem to want to show it.

From there, basically everything from Whiskey Peak on through Alabasta is just full of Zoro x Nami (with the exception of Drum Kingdom- a small moment where he and Luffy were watching over her and he sent Luffy to go check out the island first, otherwise the majority of that arc was all Luffy x Nami). Alabasta especially had some of my favorites, mainly Zoro protecting her, telling her to run away while he took on Daz Bones/ Mr. 1 and Miss Doublefinger. Then after they each finished their respective fights, he gave her a piggyback ride to the meeting place despite being heavily injured himself.

Those are my personal favorites, and I’m too lazy to cover more than that at the moment, lol (plus I should be sleeping oops). There’s also Skypeia, him constantly saving her while they were exploring Upper Yard, and also how he freaked out when he thought she was electrocuted while inside the snake, not knowing she had escaped. Then in Thriller Bark, Nami sitting beside him during the party, watching over him as he recovered from his wounds and the pain he absorbed from Kuma.

The moments have become smaller since Alabasta, few and far between, unfortunately.

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Some Womens from KOF,in order : Angel,Kula Diamond,King,Mai Shiranui,Vanessa,Athena Asamiya,Leona Heidern,’Blue’ Mary Ryan,Goeniko. 

                                         so,who’s the queen? 

                                 all arts are made by : Accuracy0

all edits are made by : myself


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  • Bleeding
Bleeding by Elysion
Silent Scr3am
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